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Saturday, September 11, 2010

speaking of cats. . .

Mèo, mèo, mèo, mèo, mèo!!
After coming home from having a delicious French dinner with my friends from work, I open the front door of the house so I can put my bike away. As I start to move my bike forward, one of the many cats in heat in my alley decides to run into the the car port. Though, this one was just a kitten so probably not too hot just yet.

Mèo, mèo, mèo! . . .  mèo, mèo, mèo!!! The Vietnamese lady across the street decides to tell me what I already see. And may I add it is 12 AM. WHY are you on a balcony at 12 AM washing clothes???

Well, sometimes nosy neighbors really do come in handy. I'm sure she will inform my host family about her exciting night.

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