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Friday, March 23, 2012

Wale of a tale.


Its the very last night in our little paradise of Absolute bliss. To end this lovely spa holiday we went snorkeling and on our way to the next destination we spot a wale!! Actually it was two wales, possibly a mother and child. It got closer and closer and we saw some gills. . . and a mouth. Amazing!

Tonight we will eat our last super-food healthy meal and watch Eat Pray Love in the hotel theater. Awww, I definitely don't want to leave.

Anh Thong National Park, mixed water lake

the James Bond, near Anh Thong National Park

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yogi Monster Day 3

The pain in the back of my legs will not go away. It is the end of the last day of our 3-day rejuvenation spa holiday and I feel great. Just had my colon cleansed for the first time, and it actually made my arthritic hands feel better. After performing Hot Yoga for the last time, I ended the day with a tumeric scrub. I'm squeaky clean!
Here's how the day went:
6:00 AM
Wake Up
6:33 AM
Breakfast: chocolate muffin (it wasn't that great), with bananas, goji berry tea w/ honey and soymilk with brown rice porridge, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.
8:00 AM
Colon-hydro therapy info meeting. Gotta know what's about to go where the sun don't shine.
9:15 AM
Alright lets get this over with.
10:15 AM
Sleeping by the pool. Although quite uncomfortable, the hydro cleaning therapy made my arthritis feel better.
1:00 PM
Pilates with Sean, the Brit.
2:00 PM
Lunch: Pineapple, coconut and mint juice, Greek salad w/ feta and bell peppers, Tom Sum Soup with chicken and brown rice
3:00 PM
5:00 PM
Nutritional meeting with Janell, the resident Naturopath
6:00 PM
Super Hot Flow Yoga
7:00 PM
Thai Herbal Scrub
9:00 PM
Dinner: the last supper :-( Green salad with hummus, carrots, flax seeds, cherry tomatoes, Poached shrimps w/ lemon juice dressing, shallots, cilantro, and fresh greens. Papaya blend juice to drink, it's my last free juice, tastes like liquid honey comb cereal.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yogi Monster Day 2

our last free juice :-(
I'm super sore. So lets start the day off right with the Steam Room, and of course more juice!
7:10 AM
Steam room then juice, cucumber, lemon and honey. Its like lemonade with cucumber.
8:30 AM
Beginners Hatha, Intro to Yoga
9:35 AM
Breakfast: today was coconut yogurt (yummy goodness) w/ fresh fruit and a porridge of brown rice with warm soy milk, cashews, cinnamon and chunks of young coconut.
10:15 AM
Wrote in my blog.
11:00 AM
Tooo tired for hot flow yoga, so I just went on the treadmill.
12:00 PM
Aroma therapy Massage
1:10 PM
Leg and Tummy workout practice routines.
3:00 PM
Lunch: seaweed wrap first, then black bean burrito with soy, wheatgrass and coconut water juice, mixed salad. That wheatgrass was hard to swallow.
4:00 PM
Sat by the pool, then slept for the rest of the day
9:30-10:00 ish PM
Dinner: veggie salad w/ hummus flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, poached chicken w/ mango, goji berry and ginger tea

Yogi Monster Day 1

It is the end of day 1 (Tuesday March 20th) of my yoga retreat with Tiffany. We started the vacay with Angor Wat first. That was quite the excursion, with the long bus ride to Phnom Penh, then another bumpy 7 hour ride to Siem Reap. Climbing through the temples from dawn till nearly dusk, in the heat was also exhausting, but lots of exercise. So it was a relief to finally get to our island destination of Koh Samui, Thailand for our 3 day rejuvenation session at Absolute Sanctuary.

Since we're on a 3-day rejuvenating plan, we have a limited menu of meals, but 3 meals a day, all very fresh and delicious food. BUT the best part of this spa holiday is the unlimited juices, yes unlimited. I love it. For my next blog entries I am going to share my day, the schedule and what I ate during my 3 days of rejuvenation:
7:00 AM
Breakfast at the Love Kitchen.1 silver-dollar sized pancake with the most delicious coconut yogurt. Scrambled eggs with salad and lemon grass tea. Also had some pineapple juice
Sauna for 10 minutes
8:30 AM
Detox Yoga
10:00 AM
Flow Yoga
12:00 PM
Lunch (thank goodness, I was starving)
1:00 PM
Consultation with the receptionist
2:00 PM
Sauna, again and juice!
2:15 PM
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage with heat compress
4:30 PM
Infra Red Sauna
5:00 PM
Welcome Ritual (Foot Massage)
6:00 PM
Hot Flow Yoga, it's like a milder version of Bikram, but still very intense.
9:00 PM
After sweating myself silly we get to enjoy a small, but filling dinner. Thai glass noodle salad with sesame was the starter. Then steamed sea bass with yummy mango, papaya, pineapple salsa, served on a banana leaf. To drink I had a refreshing iced mint tea. Like mojito without the kick.
Good night!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Post 100!

I made it to 100! Just shy of 3 weeks till my exile in Vietnam is over. I think anyone who has been in exile, whether a self-imposed metaphoric prison or forced detainment in a cell, can agree you have a lot of time to think or read or write, or design or to do something more constructive since watching television may not be an option. During my two-year exile I've found more time to read more books, especially those in the Bible, and watch movies with a different perspective. My new perspective prompts me to do research and through that research I always find information that relates to my current situation.
For example, I've seen the movie ALI with Will Smith, 50 thousand times, but there was one particular time I watched it that prompted me to do research on Ali and his fighting legacy. I guess I needed more, because I felt the movie focused too much on his political activities in NOI, and less on his career. This is when I discovered the phrase "Thrilla in Manila" was reference to his fight against Joe Frazier in Manila, Philippines. And all this time I thought it had to do with Phillipine-American war.

So today I had the pleasure of watching The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 .
Its an interesting amalgamation  of video footage taken by Swedish reporters, because they were curious to know what was going on in America in regards to the fight for freedom, the rallys, the riots, and the systematic oppression of Black people. It was fun to watch, because as an 80's baby, its hard to believe how hard life was "back in the day". Especially for us children of parents whom were strong enough and smart enough to keep it moving and live their lives in peace and productivity, not peril. Sometimes this meant moving out of a predominantly Black neighborhood into a "safer" suburban environment. So growing up in lily white Green Bay, Wisconsin I can truly say I do not know what it's like to be involved in a rally, sit-in, or hear a church bombing. But my mother made sure my brother and I knew our history. Anyway, as I was watching the movie it got me thinking about a conversion I had yesterday, Saturday night. I attended a bar-b-que hosted by my South African friend. I guess ZA's love to bar-b-que! She invited her new South African friends over. They brought South African sausage, Boerewors. It's kinda like bratwurst, but a bit dry. While waiting for the food, I got into a serious conversation with a grey-eyed ZA regarding ancestry and cultural lineage. I told him I would love to know about my African ancestry, and he proceeded to tell me about his Estonian-German heritage. However, since raised in South Africa, he has no desire to be or feel connected to these cultures. Long story short, he posed the question of,
Q."You know, I see how African-Americans have separated themselves and created their own culture, isn't that good enough?" In other words, why try to find the connection to a culture that I don't know much about and don't have any evident contemporary cultural ties to?
A. Because my history did not begin with slavery. Because in America I am not "American" I'm "The Black girl". Because, it's not soo much that Black people want to separate ourselves, it's that we were forced too, just like we were forced on slave ships and forced into slavery in foreign lands, the government systematically tried to force us to be drug addicts, stupid, and broke, SO since no one asked me or my ancestors whether or not we wanted to take part in the making and building of the history of one of the most "powerful" countries on the planet, I think I have a right to say I want to know my true heritage that was essentially stolen from me.

Any who, of course watching this movie also prompted some research. Did you know Stokely Carmichael was married to Miriam Makeba? And, unbeknownst to me Miriam Makeba is from South Africa. How many times have I heard her song "Pata Pata"? I'm sure some American ad agency has also bastardized it in a television commercial during my childhood. :-) 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everyone looks great in an Ao Dai.

Even Me. I've been thinking about getting one made. I'm not sure where I could wear it. Maybe to a wedding or fancy New Years Dinner, but I must have an ao dai (pronounced "ou yai") before I leave Vietnam. Its one of the treasures of this culture I would enjoy taking back home. Though much of the modern fashion in this part of the world is quite tacky, the ao dai is cultural attire that fits the female form just right and can be versatile as business casual or formal wear. Of course I have to get one in purple, and possibly black too. Here are some interesting ways the Ao Dai can be interpreted to fit different cultures: Miss Earth 2010

Friday, March 2, 2012

the last leg.

On my way to take my last trip to Mui Ne.  *sigh*  Time has passed away quickly. I still remember my first trip there with my girl Nicole. I will miss her dearly.  As I scurry along to finish all my projects and begin packing, I'm struggling to stay strong and hold back the tears. I will miss soo many people, and I have no idea when I will see them again.

I hope they know they have made my life sweeter, and my memories rich. Like a piece of chocolate lava cake, from MOF, lol, my love for you all spills over into ooey gooey goodness.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

We certainly have overcome. . .

"Instant Brown" Poster Graphic from