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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summertime sleepy

Since I was up late, I figured I should say something in the blog that I have neglected for the past couple of weeks.

To give a quick update: I moved into a new apartment, and finally have internet, yes! It took 3 men and 2.5 hours to get it running plus the help of my IT friend from the states. . . Wow Vietnam, reaaaaal efficient! And that was only DSL, no wireless yet. The new landlord is quite efficient though. Speaks great English and has pretty much done everything he said he would. This has made moving more pleasant, but my issue with security still lingers.

Last weekend, I was almost robbed, and I have been extra sensitive about being alone, traveling alone, and coming home late at night. Knowing that this apartment complex has a team of security guards who know my face has eased my concern, slightly. But, I still remember the force that was used to attempt to take my personal belongings, and it scares me that people can be so boldly violent. In a country where the average monthly income is $200-300 USD and the people face constant oppression from the government directly and indirectly, how can I as a foreigner from the largest economy in the world ever feel safe? How would you feel if foreigners came into your country taking jobs away from you and getting paid triple or quadruple what you make in a year? I know I'd be angry.

It just cracks me up when I hear Ex-pats speak of this country with such adoration, "Oh I love it hear, I feel soo much safer here than in the States." Umm, didn't you just get your necklace snatched from your neck a few months back? How many times have you replaced your phone? Yeah, I see the warmth and sun shine helped you forget about that!
Wake up.

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