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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If there was one thing I love about teaching. . .

its when my graduated students call me up for advice. It feels good to be needed. And one former student, Mai Anh, needed my advice ASAP! She texted me this morning, while I was in class.

Student, "Tiana, this company offered me a position, do you think it's a good chance for me?"
Me, "Wow, Congrats, when do you need to give them a reply?"
Student, "Today!"

I'm honored that she's giving me the responsibility to answer this question for her. (She also treated me to lunch!) But she already knew the answer herself. She was not happy in her current job, and she has already interned at the company that is offering the new position, it's a perfect set up. I'm proud that she did such a great job at her internship, that the art director would personally ask for her to replace a designer who is leaving. And what an exciting time for my graduates. Since design is a small market here in the city, young designers have the opportunity to have their hands on more projects and take on the role of design director.


  1. That's good news, I am not sure if I have any questions of advice from students, ha ha.

  2. hi mister campbell,
    ms. anh will be working for one of the ex pat magazines in the city. it'll be good for her confidence. i'm sure the bachelor students will have plenty of questions for you. :-)