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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hip Hop in Ho Chi continued. . .

This is for real. A real music video from a real hip hop artist from the streetz of Saigon. It doesn't get more hood than old folks playing Chinese chess on plastic chairs, chickens in the hem outside your crib and toothless men selling lottery tickets. I met the young man in the hat once in a club. As soon as I read his style, I exclaimed to my friend Linh, "Awww shoot it's the Viet T.I.!!" From the video you can tell this boy is serious about his craft. Although I can not decipher what he is saying, according to my Vietnamese linguist source he is talking about the reality of living in a poor Vietnamese community. No different than what Biggie or Tupac, or T.I. himself have to say in their music. Again, I admire his adoration for hip hop culture. He is shaping the new generation of "Youth Music" as the communist government calls it.


  1. I heard this song a few moths ago . So happy when i know u also like this guy :). As u know, T.I always proud of ATL and his life . Wowy also proud of District 4 where is gangster's basement. This guy may be represent for gangsta rap in VN . I agree with u about no different than what T.I have to say in his music . But i think unless he has beautiful songs like 'Whatever u like-T.I','Perfect day-Jim Jones', 'Blowing me kisses -Souja boy', he'll never be a famous rapper in VN. In gangsta rap ,please not compare T.I with this guy, they aren't same level !
    I like to introduce with u a popular female rapper , she is SUBOI . Check it out !


  2. Thank you SeaGoat.
    I definitely was not stating that this guy, what is his name? Wowy? is similar to T.I. Only stating that he is speaking of what he knows best, his home town, like many rappers or poets will do. I will check out this Suboi artist. Vietnam needs to develop its own style and its own sound. Not only will it be more authentic, but it would be economic. It's amazing that you all admire the sound of artists from Black American culture, but how long will you look towards the west for musical inspiration?

  3. It is also amazing that all these pseudo black American artists admire SAMPLING the sound from other cultures.

    Here's an example among many others:

    Most of those "wannabe" artists are a bunch of hypocrite fools cause they NEVER gave a single credit to those from whom they stole their art.

    Talking about looking towards the west for musical inspiration huh? smh