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Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Asian Adventures - Thailand

We spent one night in Bangkok. Definitely not enough time for Kia to really experience the city, but she got her taste of the rude cab drivers. My biggest regret is not remembering to take her to Sirocco Sky Bar for a breath taking view of the skyline. Well, we got our view in Singapore, but more on that later.

After filling our bellies with Indian food, viewing the debauchery of Khao San and a good sleep at the swank hotel of Citrus Sukhumvit we had another early morning ride by taxi to the BKK airport to continue our journey to the southern Thai city of Krabi. Their airport has got to be the smallest airport in the world. Of course the day would not be complete without arguing, I mean bargaining, with the travel companies on a decent price for transportation to the island of Koh Lanta. Here we go with another joy ride. A small van cramped and packed with people. This time a woman just gave birth to a baby and apparently has car service. We had to go back to the hospital to pick up the rest of her stuff. Then we stop in front of a bus stop, mind you we're NOT in a bus, this is a van, and pick up a hefty girl carrying two full bags of food. I only comment on her size because it is not too common to see a large Asian woman, and as much as I've been picked on in the 1 year I have lived in this region, I don't see how this girl could have survived growing up. Once we got to the second dock and onto the 2nd car ferry (yes, we took 2 car ferries), the driver decided to board, with HALF, yes half (well the back end at least) of the van hanging off the back of the ferry. This is when hefty girl made me nervous, all I could think was don't move, don't breath.

Lesson Learned: If you want to ride in peace and in a timely manner, take a cab from the Krabi airport to Koh Lanta Island. It will cost you, but you save time.

We arrived to our resort early evening on Wednesday May 4th. The Crown Lanta, sits on its own private peninsula which is connected to Koh Lanta island. If you're traveling to this area, Koh Lanta is much larger than Koh Phi Phi, but a warning, don't expect a lush large beach. The beaches are quite narrow in this part of Thailand, and filled with rocky limestone cliffs. Great scenery for a photo shoot though. The resort was lovely. Absolutely peaceful. On my birthday I chilled pool side, ate seafood, then had a free mini cake and bottle of wine delivered to our room. Kia also got me a gift, a stuffed teddy :-) We enjoyed the scenery of Koh Lanta and of the resort. They provided a free golf cart service to take you from your hotel room to the dinning room. Since the terrain is a bit mountainous the resort is full of steep hills. Riding the carts was like driving through a theme park. Our time in Koh Lanta was cool, but ended sour when our snorkeling trip was canceled due to rain. We planned to travel to 5 different islands and the emerald cave, booo hisss boooo. Saturday was the last day in Koh Lanta, and for our transport back to the airport we took the hotel shuttle bus. It set us back 1,000 baht each, but we road in style and comfort listening to the penguins in Happy Feet.

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