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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nothing to lose.

What would you do if you lost everything?

What if all your close friends have moved away? What if your family is too far to reach? What if the internet stops working and you cannot skype and your phone has run out of minutes? What if the television stops working so you cannot receive cable, and your DVD's will not play correctly. What if your computer conks out, or just doesn't work as good as it use to? What if the amount of money you use to make is cut in half and you have little hope of getting that other half back? What if you get caught in a rain storm with no umbrella and when you go home to take a hot shower, the electricity goes out, so now you have no hot water? What would you do?

Believe it or not, people used to live with no electricity, no hot water, no cable, no iphone or iMac, no Adobe Creative Suite or Wacom tablets. In the modern world we designers have become so accustomed to these things. When technology does begin to break down, we tend to do the same. It slows down our productivity. Clients don't want to see a sketch, they want to see smooth crystal clear gradients, shiny computer graphics, the "slick" design. What happened to drawing with pencil and reading from a book? What happened to lithographers, wood cut printers, and sign painters? When everything is stripped away, breaks down, or stops working we'll have to result to this anyway to get the job done. So why not continue using these skills?

Perhaps we're scared that we'll actually have to use our hands. Maybe we're afraid of being labeled amateur (Is this a French word?) But, if everything is gone, broken down and cut off, what else can you rely on?

Only your God given creativity, and God Himself.

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