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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wait don't go!

Welp, that was quick! The month we're suppose to nationally acknowledge the history of people of African descent in America is over. As always I will continue to celebrate my life and history all day everyday. I had an interesting skype conversation with a friend last night. I'd like to share it with you:
(Previous words were exchanged about the unity of Black folk in America and what certain Black leaders like Farrakhan and Obama are doing or not doing to help the unity)

"Friend" 2/28/12 10:46 PM
The problem in the US is very simple, all the community are devided, i've never been to Chicago, but i got lotta friends in the US and they all TOLD ME THE SAME ish, they said Unity? only among the christians, or muslims, or black Caribbean...
unity won't exist between other blacks if they got different believes etc
i mean all of my african friends told me that

"Me" 2/28/12 10:47 PM 
interesting opinion
there's more to it than that.

"Friend" 2/28/12 10:48 PM 
so if you didn't hear about what N.O.I. [Nation of Islam] is doing for the community (muslim), based on their talkin (my friends) it won't surprise me

"Me" 2/28/12 10:53 PM 
Americans in general, who have been in the country for many generations have lost their original culture, and especially in the case of those who are of African descent, but were brought over as slaves, our heritage has been completely erased. So we try to form our own "Black" culture, but honestly, though it is rich, it's not enough, and not well defined, and not concrete, or has any solid foundation anywhere but from slavery. So, in my opinion until Black people can hold on to a solid sense of self worth (which also comes from knowing and believing you are a valuable child of God who is loved by God) and an actual heritage that was formed from a specific culture i.e. cultures in Africa, only then I feel can you begin to understand who you are and where your values should come from

it won't solve all the problems, but I do think in general youth in America and Black folks struggle with a lack of identity

yes we are American, no doubt, but I'm not "The American" until I leave America, that's kinda strange

that i'm not even accepted "as I am" in my own country

So I think it's wise if Black folks embraced and researched their African-ness

but too many Black folk are too lazy, too naive, or

tooo caught up in James Brown Philosophy "I'm Black and I'm Proud"

to even investigate what their true heritage is

"Friend" 2/28/12 10:56 PM 
T there's nothing to add, you said EVERYTHING, im 100% with what you said

"Me" 2/28/12 10:56 PM 
a lot of us are not just "Black" we're African + Native American + European (Anglo-Saxon) . . .
and we have a means to figure this out now, the African Ancestry kit
so there's no excuse, but it is a bit pricey

"Friend" 2/28/12 10:58 PM 
i feel you girl, i think it's very important for the black american to know their history and from where they are coming from, i had several convos with few of them and T i couldn't get why they were so embarassed to be assimilated to their african brothers

"Me" 2/28/12 10:59 PM 
. . . of course at first it's a bit daunting, but the reality is we are from Africa

Because we're soo far removed, its hard to really relate to a culture you don't know anything about 


and this is why more Black folk need to travel. . . we are still African, partly, half, quarter whatever, we're a lot of things, and unfortunately unlike other countries like France, or Brazil, we haven't been able to be proud of ALL of our heritage

but this is America in general, a lot of white folks couldn't tell you their heritage either

Americans are happy just being "American" and that's good enough for them, like some Puerto Ricans [Jennifer Lopez] are happy saying they are 100% Puerto rican,  but that's a lie

they're Spanish + African + Native American,

Jamaican's are happy saying "I'm Jamaican" when in reality you could potentially have Chinese, African, Irish and Indian in your blood line. . .

. . . Long story short, Let's take this exile to Africa!

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