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Monday, December 19, 2011

K.I.M. (for you tribe called quest fans)

I can not believe it is almost 2012!!! Why does everyone say that? Actually, I CAN believe it cause this year has been tooo long. Well I may not hit my 100 post marker, but it's all good. I will be posting more photos soon, so look for that. I know the last couple of posts have been quite negative, maybe a bit "bitter". I'm not really bitter, just annoyed. I've come to the conclusion that almost every company sucks. The goal is to hire the best qualified person, to do as much work as he/she possibly can, for the cheapest cost possible. I get it. If I had a company I wouldn't want to spend 50,000/year USD on a professional when I could spend 15,000/year USD on an intern, or 400/month USD on a Vietnamese graduate. And according to RIC, If saving money means no adequate health insurance, then so be it :-/ So, with every job experience you take away the good, the knowledge, the experience and keep it movin'. Keep pushing towards your goal, and wake up one day closer to fulfilling your God-given destiny. "Aint' no time for shuckin and jivin'. . ."

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