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Monday, January 16, 2012

Exotic friends = exotic drinks

This past weekend was lovely. I had a great Saturday morning brunch with ladies of our bible study circle. Waffles with cinnamon (no chicken), scrambled eggs, Hungry Jack syrup, pineapple, cantaloupe, dragon fruit with honey, orange juice and warm soy milk with coffee. Yummmm. To finish the day I went to the spa at YKC to have an oatmeal bubble bath and reflexology foot massage. Dinner was blessed with sushi from Tokyo Deli.

On Sunday, I went to church then had lunch with Janell and our new friend from Barbados. I had to visit my Malaysian friend to pick up some things I left at her condo. As I tried to leave, so that I wouldn't be stuck in Phu My hung alllll day, she insisted I try one of her Lychee Martinis. Okaaaay, if you insist. Well, 3 martinis later, I finally made it home, belly full and very relaxed. :-) 

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