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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joy comes in the morning.

So, I got up in the middle of the night, like I have been for the past couple of days. The strategy is to nap for a bit, then get up and do design work. Though I usually sleep right through any alarm or music I have going. This night I also had my dimmer on, so that, with my iTunes blaring Aaliyah and having to empty my bladder, I got up. I only got up, however, with the intention of immediately going back to bed. 2 hours later, and now hearing the roosters crow, I'm still awake.

That's because I got some great news. A friend of mine from waaay back when has decided to take the ultimate faith walk and become a missionary for a faith based organization called the World Race. He had his interview last week, and got the call today, Tuesday January 17 his time acknowledging that he is on the team. The news is not only exciting, it is amazing. Amazing how God can work through people without us even knowing. Now, I know Jamal. I know what he does (travel), what he loves (talking and running), I know what makes him tick. But I had no idea he had been praying for something more fulfilling in his life.

Like extra help knocking at the door in a time of need, Just at the right time when he needed to hear from God, after his praying, the next day I posted the link to World Race on his fb page. Now he will be a true fisher of men. If that's not God at work, I don't know what is.

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