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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A letter from a friend:


I wanted to say something on this special MLK Day. It may not have a lot of meaning worldwide because many people do not have sufficient background knowledge to have any strong emotions about it. But I do! I respect this American memorial day! And there are few “holidays” that I do respect, so this is quite special.

As a teenager, I remember memorizing King’s speeches from a CD that I had bought at Circuit City. I can’t explain it, but I found his peace and individual liberty/responsibility so appealing, like it was part of the Truth in this universe. My family grew up Baptist and Republican, so I had to learn history for myself. So I did. I learned that I cannot be part of any political association or even religious association, because even if that association knows any part of the Truth, they tend to practice it their own way rather than literally and directly. So this conclusion that I had drawn when I young, about King’s speeches containing real Truth, was only the beginning of coming out of tradition and into what I know to be Truth.

America is steeped in political and religious tradition, and they cannot escape and comprehend the Truth because they are bombarded by media tactics to keep them enslaved in religious, racial, and political sects. Democrats ask blacks to politically attack whites. Republicans ask pro-war people to politically attack pro-peace people.

And King was stuck in the middle. Or, perhaps, he transcended sectarian lines because his message of individual liberty and peace was part of the Truth of our Savior. I believe this is why he, along with Kennedy, and Lincoln were assassinated. Certain people just don’t want the public to be free from fear and free from danger, and responsible only to their Highest Liberator.

YAHUWAH bless you this day in your life with every spiritual blessing!


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