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Friday, May 14, 2010

Be Ab-Original

I've always had an interest in Australia and the people of this part of the world. I knew of the Aborigines from geography class, and Janet Jackson's song "Runaway". But it wasn't until a friend of my cousin Kai, mentioned his experience in Australia and the surprising connection the Aborigines felt to the Black experience in North America. Now I am on a mission to meet an original Aboriginal. I'm curious to know what they eat, how they style their hair, do they know where they originally came from?

I found this photo on, circa 1988 in Sydney, Australia. 20+ years after we began to fight for our civil rights, Aborigines were fighting for theirs. Today the fight continues, to stop discrimination against our brown skin Australian counter parts, and make them healthy active participants in Australian society. United States may have our first Black president, but Australia just gained their first Aboriginal Olympic gold medalist, Cathy Freeman, in 2000. Let's not forget about our Aboriginal kin, and I'll keep you posted on my search for an original Aboriginal.

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  1. you should check out this indie film called "Rabbit proof fence" I saw it when I was at Miami it's about some catholics trying to colonize the aboriginies, it was almost like concentration camps that they put them in.