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Monday, May 10, 2010

If you want to play the game, you have to know the rules.

So, I've realized these students aren't as focused as my coharts and I were back in the good ol' days at Miami University's Heistand Hall. They lack a sincere interest in the professionalism of their projects, and showing respect in the classroom. Understanding that the school gives them no set of standards to design by, I now have to proclaim a list of "rules" for classroom conduct and project expectations. What?!, you don't know what "critique" means??? okay, okay, let's just start with the basics. Here are my top five:
1. Turn OFF your cell phone in the class room. This is not your personal business hour, even if it is your family business.

2. We LOVE to speak English. LOVE IT, or leave my class room. I wasn't hired to be an ESL teacher.

3. Always ask questions.

4. Always carry your sketchbook.

5. Come to class on time and ready to work. I couldn't believe how many students came to class with no pencil, or paper. What are you here for? And who's money are you wasting?


  1. What age group is your class? I would also initiate a 3 sneeze rule! 3 sneezes and you have to leave my class. That means you are infected with some type of virus and I don't want it LOL (Yes, I am for real!!!) Student use to laugh, because I would actually keep track of the amount of sneezes. (BTW It's me! Chris)

  2. Hello Be Just aka Chris!
    I think the sneeze rule is perfect, except I'll have to enforce that when I'm over this cold. The students age varies to be honest. Most students are 18-22, some are almost as old as me though. They've been to college to get a business degree and now they are at this school getting an "advanced diploma" whatever that means.