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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gender Psychology

Where are my psychology majors at? I need your expert observations and knowledge.

Is there something in the chemical DNA of the male gender that causes males ages 18-22 to have Attention Deficit Disorder, or at least start showing signs of this disorder once they enter a classroom setting? My "color for designers" class is majority guys, only 4 girls out of a class of 20. I speak to the class loudly, and clearly, I have power point slides, and I write on the dry erase board for the students that read English better than verbally comprehend it. Yet, still after all of the explaining I do, and repetition of phrases, "This project will be turned in at the end of class", or "Only use A3 size presentation board for your final work," most of the guys still don't get it. If I say a project is due at the end of class, they mess around for 70% of the time remaining, and then scramble at the end to finish their work. Can't they just shut up and work? And follow directions! My girls on the other hand, well 2 of the four are my star students. Always neat, always on time. They ask for the power points after class, so they can study and actually get a good grade on the quizzes I give.
Is it just me or are guys naturally inclined to selective hearing?

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